Up Memorial Day Celebration 2008 Slideshow

Bob Stromberg and Ken Davis
Bob Stromberg performs
Glenn works the table
Greater Vision - Gerald intros Rodney
Greater Vision - Rodney sings
Greater Vision sings
Howie and John Pfiefer fellowship
Janet Paschal sings
Ken and Dianne Davis with grandkids
Ken Davis performs
Ken Davis with grandkids
L5 family intros - Bailey Fowler speaks
L5 family intros - Chloe Beth Dustin speaks
L5 family intros - Eli Parton
L5 family intros - Frank and Libby
L5 family intros - Jenna Howard speaks
L5 family intros - Preston Fowler speaks
L5 family intros - Scott Fowler and mom
L5 family intros - Scott Fowler and Pennie
L5 family intros - the Buckners
L5 family intros - the Dustins
L5 family intros - the Fowlers
L5 family intros - the Howards
L5 family intros - the Partons
L5 poses with friends
L5 sings - Frank solos
L5 sings - Glenn solos
L5 sings - Howie solos
L5 sings - Scott solos
L5 sings 01
L5 sings 02
L5 sings 03
L5 sings 04
L5 sings 05
L5 sings 06
L5 sings 07
Oliver North speaks 02
Oliver North speaks 03
Oliver North speaks
Oliver North with L5
Scott and Howie mingle
Scott Fowler intros Tim Parton
Scott Fowler mingles
The Pfeifers - Candy intros John
The Pfeifers - John intros Candy
The Pfeifers - John intros Justin
The Pfeifers - John intros Mary Jane
The Pfeifers - John plays
The Pfeifers - Justin sings
The Pfeifers sing 01
The Pfeifers sing 02
The Pfeifers sing 03
Tim Parton plays
Voices of Lee sing 01
Voices of Lee sing 02
Voices of Lee sing 03
Voices of Lee sing 04

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