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Scott Eric Fowler:  co-founder, lead singer and manager for Legacy Five.

Born: June 9, 1966

History in gospel music: The Sound April, 1987-October, 1990. The Cathedrals: December 1990-December 1999. Legacy Five: January 2000-present

First Gospel concert ever attended:  The Cathedrals
Wife:  Taryn 
Anniversary:  December 20, 1997
Children:  Preston Davis Vernon Fowler and Bailey Eric Fowler
Hobbies and pastimes:  Politics, Racquetball, Pickle-ball, snowmobiling, being outdoors and hanging with the family.
Awards and Commendations:  Favorite Baritone & Favorite Lead (Singing News Fan Awards), Humanitarian Award (Southern Gospel Music Guild)
Favorite Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite Quote:  “Life is not a dress rehearsal… this is the real thing.”

Favorite gift:  Wedding ring given to me by my grandfather
Most unique gift: An actual Florida voting mating used in the famous Presidential contest in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore.
Something most people don’t know about Scott:  Spent 2 years in nursing school and was a contestant on The Price is Right.

Scott Eric Fowler, co-founder, lead singer and manager for Legacy Five, was born the youngest of four kids on July 9, 1966 in St. Louis, Missouri.


Scott actually got his start singing when he was a small boy. His dad would go to preach revivals at area churches, and the family would sing before his dad preached. Gospel music was a big part of the Fowler family home life.

When Scott was 14, some friends took him to see the famous Cathedral Quartet. Scott fell in love with their music and recalls “buying $100 worth of music at their concert… and that was my hard earned grass cutting money!” Scott was a gospel music addict from that moment on.

In the spring of 1987, Scott finally got the opportunity he had been praying for. After spending two years at Oakland City University and two subsequent years in nursing school in St. Louis, he finally got the chance to live out the quartet dream. Scott moved to Houston, Texas, where he spent 2½ years singing with a group called The Sound.

Then, in December of 1990, Scott’s ultimate dream came true when he was asked to join the Cathedrals, where he served as the group’s baritone for ten years until they retired in December of 1999. “Those were the most incredible years of my life. I got to work with George and Glen, two legends in Gospel music, and learn from them. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will always be grateful for.”

It was while he was with the Cathedrals that Scott met Taryn Davis during a Charles Stanley Alaskan Cruise in 1996. Taryn’s dad, Christian comedian Ken Davis, was also performing on the cruise and he invited Scott to join him and his family for dinner on the ship. One year later while on the same cruise, Scott asked Taryn to marry him. On December 28, 1997, in Denver, Colorado, Scott and Taryn became husband and wife.
On October 18, 2003, their first child, Preston Davis Vernon Fowler was born. On August 18, 2005, Scott and Taryn’s second child, Bailey Eric Fowler was born. Scott and Taryn just love being the parents of two boys and admit that they have never had so much fun getting so tired! One of Scott’s favorite past times outside of his family and Legacy Five is politics. He also enjoys the outdoors, working in his yard and playing racquetball.

Scott is very devoted to his family, but he’s also committed to the group of men he travels with. When his longtime friend and Legacy Five co-founder Roger Bennett was facing his first bone marrow transplant in 2004, Scott called on Legacy Five supporters for help. He helped raise over $600,000 for the Roger Bennett Benefit Fund, for which he received the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Southern Gospel Music Guild.

When Roger passed away after his 12 year battle with leukemia in March of 2007, Scott had to dig down deep to carry on. “Roger said he would come back and haunt me if I didn’t carry the ministry of Legacy Five forward… his music and influence will always be with us.”

Scott has an eternal focus about the loss of his friend, saying “We certainly grieve, but we don’t grieve as those without hope… we’re going to be with Roger a lot longer than we’re going to be without him.”

When asked if there is a quote that helps him to stay focused on what’s really important, Scott recalls a line he heard from Gloria Gaither… “Life is not a dress rehearsal… this is the real thing. I only have one opportunity to be a good dad, husband and friend.”