Born: November 16, 1990

History in gospel music: I spent a few years singing in a local trio with a few of my family members in Michigan before joining a Trio out of British Columbia, Canada called the Freedom Singers in 2015. I spent close to 5 years traveling with them. I joined legacy five in May of 2023.

First Gospel concert ever attended:  The Cathedrals. I was probably 4 years old at the time.

Wife:  Elizabeth (Lizzy)  Anniversary:  December 30, 2017

Children:  Charles (2019), Ellis (2021), and Remington (2022)

Hobbies & pastimes: Camping, hunting, snowmobiling, playing/watching sports.

Favorite Scripture: John 11:25-26

Favorite gift: My grandfather’s vintage baritone 4 string guitar, and my great grandfather’s (who I am named after) bible- I couldn’t pick just 1 favorite!

Most unique gift: A World War 2 shovel and Bugle.

Something most people don’t know about Jake: I was a nationally awarded trumpet player in high school.