Born: January 11, 1970

History in gospel music: The Parton Family, 1970-1982; The Gospelaires, 1983-1986; The Lesters, 1988-1993; The Speers, 1993-1995; other artists include Janet Pascal, The Mike Speck Trio, Gold City Quartet, Vestal Goodman, The Jim Brady Trio. 

First Gospel concert ever attended:  The Parton Trio, 1970; mandatory attendance. 

Children:  Grae Chandler Parton & Elijah Christopher Parton

Hobbies & pastimes:  Coffee, Composing, Cooking, Hiking, Minimalism, Reading, Yardwork. 

Awards & Commendations:  Good Citizen award, 6th grade; Spelling Bee finalist, 7th grade;

Favorite southern gospel band, Gold City Band of Gold, 1998.

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 34:8

Favorite Quote: “God’s been good in my life; I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams when I go to sleep each night.” Sue C. Smith & Belinda Smith

Favorite gift:  Kawai grand piano from my parents for my 14th birthday

Most unique gift: 50 pairs of socks for my 50th birthday

Something most people don’t know about Tim:  Tim was born in Kansas City, MO on the day the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. That is the only thing Tim knows about football.